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Kitchen Organizers for Less Than $20

Most kitchens have a lot of stuff but lack a lot of space. Whether you have two pantries or 10 cabinets, you’ve probably run into a space issue at some point or another with your kitchen. Sound familiar? Same—been there, done that. There’s a lot of stress associated with kitchen organization for one reason and one reason only: It’s expensive.

I made it a personal mission for 2020 to find kitchen organizers that are affordable and functional. Good news: I found 7 kitchen organizers that you can get for less than $20. Pretty sweet deal, right? Read on to learn more about them—you can thank me later!

1.Collapsible Colander

Pasta lovers have no fear! Your colanders can collapse and fit together compactly with these lovely collapsible colanders. What I love about these is that they’re functional, easy to use, and cute! Some kitchen organizers seem like a good idea in theory, but they end up being really inefficient. That’s not the case with these. All you have to do is collapse them or expand them as you wish, and you’re good to go.

2.Under Sink Organizer

Anyone else feel like the storage area under your sink is the dirtiest, most disorganized area in your house? You’re not alone here! Most of the time, this area is worse than your junk drawer… (stop lying to yourself, we all know you have one). With an under sink organizer, you can keep your kitchen sink cleaning supplies organized and clean. Gloves, bleach, sponges, whatever you want!

3. Multi-Purpose Spice Rack

Not just any spice rack—a multi-purpose one! The thing about spice racks is, although they’re cute and functional, it’s a lot of dead space that could be used in other ways. That’s why I recommend getting a multi-purpose spice rack that does more than just hold your spices. This one, for example, holds your paper towels and has a built-in shelf for other things you may want to organize.

4. Kitchen Pegboard Organizer

Let’s face it: we all love pegboards. What’s not to love? They’re cute AND functional! Why not use one for your kitchen? This is one of my favorite hacks for kitchen organization because most people don’t think about taking the pegboard to the kitchen… but why not? You can hang up almost anything—pots, pans, loose papers, cheese graters. The options are endless!

5. Wine Glass Rack

Wine glass lover or not, you probably have at least a set of 4 wine glasses somewhere in your kitchen. It’s a staple! Wine glasses are beautiful, but they take up a lot of space. Because they’re so nice to look at, I recommend putting them on display on a wine glass rack—which is a two-fold benefit because it gets your glasses out of your precious cabinet space. Win-win!

6. Magnetic Knife Bar

Knife blocks are great and all, but for a modern looking kitchen, you may want to mix it up with a magnetic strip to hold your knives. This keeps the clutter off of your kitchen counters and makes use of the space on your wall or backsplash. Plus, it’s easier to see what knives you have to use for cooking!

7. Kitchen Drawer Organizers

I wouldn’t be an organizing specialist if I didn’t at least mention the benefit of having drawer organizers for your kitchen. It may seem pretty standard (everyone organizes their utensils, right?), but most people don’t think about taking it a step further by organizing ALL of the drawers in your kitchen. It’s really helpful, and they are typically affordable.

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