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My Customers Know What’s Up

I hired OMG Organize me to help my closet look like a closet again. Jessica is sweet and explained the whole process to me. She guided me to everything I needed to buy in order to help me keep it organized.
When she was done, everything was in order, separated in colors, occasions... OMG is the impressions I have after she left. Thanks, Jessica! I will hire her a few times a year since her prices are affordable and comparable to other places!

Patricia A. Granato

Jessica helped me put my son's room together! It was a mess.. she organized everything by season, got all the containers, helped me with the room layout so we could use more space and I loved !!! We have 2 more rooms and I will call her again.

Emanuela Almeida

I highly recommend OMG Organize me!!! Jessica is simply amazing! If you are looking for someone to organize your mess, do not hesitate to contact her!!! She is very professional and she will help you to put everything in place!!

Thalita Cox

Thank you, Jessica, for your service!!
I am really happy with my new organized home office, thanks to you I know how to keep it organized and not cluttered at all! You guided and showed me the whole process, it was great!
We will be doing my closet dresser next

Thank you!

Alba de Miguel

OMG organize me helped me tremendously! Jessica took my Closet from a total disaster to and organized dream.  She was amazing and I highly recommended omg organize me!!!

Nicole Moreno

I met the owner of this company during a Lyft ride and we had such an amazing conversation. I am a recording artist and when I found out this young lady is stylist I instantly grabbed her info.

OMG Organize Me has styled me for a photoshoot and a couple of local shows! She has a great eye and an awesome sense of style!

If you are an artist, or just a person in need of help as far as what to wear during certain occasions, HIT UP OMG ORGANIZE ME!! 

You will not be disappointed.

Tk Stayrokkin

I hired Jessica to come and help me get my messy kitchen organized. I loved that I was able to book my initial consultation online. Jessica came out for the consult and had worked up a quote on the same day. She sent me a list of items to purchase and followed up with me to see if I had questions. On the day of the organization project, she went to work...and oh my goodness, she worked hard. My kitchen is the neatest it has ever been. Everything is functional and everything makes sense. She helped me to really distinguish what was needed and what was choking up space. Jessica made sure this project made sense for me and my everyday activities. I am so pleased. I cannot recommend her enough!

Liz Henson

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